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We have several exciting applications at the moment in the areas of smart cities, energy savings, healthcare, industrial maintenance, agriculture and more. Here are two examples:

Mobile Health

Since SensPods are so modular, we have developed a specific suite of products and software services for mobile health. Together with our partners we brought to the consumer electronics realm technologies previously affordable only for professional or defense applications.

This series is composed of Bluetooth enabled glucometer, electrocardiogram, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor along with other functionalities that our customers have asked to keep confidential for the time being.

These devices enable anytime anywhere real time physiological monitoring. Our solutions have been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals with low cost, ease of use and small size as priorities.

Smart Transportation

SensPods are being used for two pioneering projects that will change future transportation:

1. The Copenhagen Wheel ( developed by MIT's Senseable Lab is an electronic bike conversion kit that provides a Kinetic Energy Recuperation System for smart bicycles.

SensPods were used as part of the Copenhagen wheel's launch in December 2009 to provide real-time geolocated data, thereby contributing to a fine-grained database of environmental information from which we can all benefit. More developments under this project are underway.

2. The Greenhaviour project ( is a demonstration project for the feasibility of electric GPS guided vehicles. During the incredible VIAC Challenge (Vislab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge), these mini vans travelled 13 000 kms from Milan to Shanghai and thanks to IBM's Human Centric Solutions data from SensPods is relayed to websites and via Twitter in real time through Android phones.




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