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Stay healthy, stay active

Sensaris helps you to stay active and healthy. Our service alerts you of current pollutants, ozone levels, heat, pollen and much  more.

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Plan your activity

Use the forecast feature to plan your outdoor activities such as running, garden work, exercise or daily walk. Hi pollutant count and pollen can be unhealthy or slow you down. Not so with Sensaris.

Get reminders

Set levels for PM, OZ, PL and more and get alerts to stay safe, to stay healthy. You can use this feature to remind yourself to turn on/off the air purifier, plan work outs at the best time and more. It’s that awesome.


Forecast upcoming conditions to better manage respiratory related issues like asthma or COPD.

Use the forecast feature to plan outdoor activity. We all know that exercising, yard work, and heavy outdoor activity is not recommended under certain conditions. Don’t be afraid, manage it.


Sensaris is building environmental monitoring solutions for consumers and industries. We solve problems surrounding personal health, work environment safety and health, as well as tools to manage climate change. To learn more contact us today.