During a week, our 13 sensors prototypes were used to map noise and ozone levels in the Paris area.This was part of the Futur en Seine event organized by Cap Digital.

Of course , demonstrations such as the one in San Francisco (Common Sense)

or even now the "mobile phone" like sensors

but to our knowledge this was the first wide scale demonstration of wearable sensor networks. It is really there nice to see that there is clearly a trend and enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic. We are open to work with other cities of course, and undoubtedly this will bring better user friendliness and lower costs.

We were lucky to be present when Mr Bertrand Delanoe, mayor of Paris, visited the booth !

Velib's (bicycle stations when you can rent them for a short time) are a huge hit in Paris as there are now close to 14700 of them !!So it is only natural that next we will present a little innovative surprise related to bicycles, so stay tuned if you own a bicycle or ride one in a city on a regular basis.....