August 2, 2011

In Vilnius they really take illegal parking seriously:

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After this, one can imagine that Streetline might provide a free sensor to the mayor for Christmas or better yet a position on its strategic board.

After being named IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year Streetline’s CEO Zia Yusuf announced:

“With our smart sensors, we can dramatically reduce the amount of drivers’ time looking for parking, and improve the efficiency of a city’s traffic and parking network. Smarter Cities will change how people work and live. Parking sensors are only the first step, and we look forward to working with IBM to help make cities ‘smarter’.”

This video opens up a whole range of new services !!

What is the return on investment for cities implementing parking sensor networks ?…..Since there are an increasing number of cities implementing such schemes, like Santander or Sant Cugat we will soon find out…….but it will be hard to match Lithuania’s capital.