New ways of powering wireless sensors.

Battery capacity is an issue not only for mobile phones but also for wireless sensors. Sensaris is involved in several R & D projects (more about that in the near future) to optimize power consumption in wireless sensor networks both at node and network level. It will be 2011 or later before the benefits of these projects start to be widely deployed, so let us look at some options that are available today.

The easiest way to power Senspods using human energy is using a handcrank; we use the 12 V Freeplay FreeCharge model  (

along with a cigarette lighter to Mini USB adapter.

Since pedalling generates a lot more power, our next challenge will be to see how Senspods can be integrated into the CopenhagenWheel developed by MIT’s  Senseable Lab  ( ……..but that will be the object of a future post.