July 5, 2011

Crolles, France.

Sensaris introduces a new product for wireless applications. Our Bluetooth®/Wifi® bridge integrates two state of the art low power modules: a Bluetooth WT12 from Bluegiga® and the Wifi® Flyport from OpenPicus. The web server contained within the Flyport module hosts a web application dedicated to controlling sensors and monitoring their data.
Web developers do not need to know about embedded electronics anymore to develop in record time ground breaking applications and services for wireless sensors, either as standalone entities or in networks.

Using the Bluetooth®/WiFi® Bridge, our customers can:·
- Use the Sensaris mHealth and environmental devices with any Apple® mobile devices: iPad®, iPhone®.
- Connect Bluetooth sensors to devices missing the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile but with WiFi radios (e.g. Windows Phone 7 platform)
- Start working on Internet of Things applications with future proof wireless technologies and a wide variety of platforms: Android®, iOS, plug computers etc.
- Control and monitor multiple devices through the bridge via web applications.
- Send real time data to any remote server.

The first applications developed are for mHealth and environmental monitoring but many exciting applications are in the pipeline…………….

Bluetooth-WiFi bridge introduction.