June 24, 2011

Crolles - France

As its first standalone mHealth solution, Sensaris is releasing pulse oximetry solution compatible with 90 % of the mobile phones and tablets sold today.

As a  result of several years of close cooperation with doctors and users, the software (iOS, Android or J2ME)  is easy to install, configure and use.

We chose oximetry first because there are close to 650 000 surgical procedure are performed every day worldwide and pulse oximetry is now a standard to detect hypoxemia, and perioperative or postoperative complications. Just to equip operating rooms in poor or emerging countries, WHO estimates that there is an immediate need for 100 000 units.

In OECD markets, besides being widely used by anethesiologists in hospitals, it is increasingly purchased by subacute care centers, EMS or for home monitoring .(COPD, sleep apnea).