SensNet Software Plateform

SensNet allows to remotely control and send commands to wireless sensors via a web page.As long as you have an Internet Access and have proper user privileges, you will be able to interact with sensors anywhere and in real time.
Our platform enables bi directional communication to:

  • Send commands to the sensors
  • Collect and retrieve sensor data in a database

The wireless communication technology chosen between an Internet Access Point (Mobile phone, Netbook, PC ……) and the sensors is Bluetooth because it is widely diffused, robust and economical and also because it is easily accessible in many environments (Linux, Windows, Android etc.).

The overall architecture is illustrated below:

SensNet is made up of both hardware and software components that communicate with each other.
Its four components are:

  • SensPods (hardware-sensors): This is the platform of either Senspods or any other Bluetooth enabled devices with a serial port profile.
  • SensLink (Hardware): The access point which connects Bluetooth sensors and can be remotely controlled. The SensLink is controlled via the SensLink server.
  • SensManager (software): is the application allowing the remote control and communication with the sensors through a web interface or an API, and taking care of getting data from the field to the SensDB
  • SensDB (software): Stores all data sent via the SensLink

The following figure illustrates the relationship between the various components :

The following list shows the required dependencies for running the various modules :

  • SensLink : JVM 1.6 (Java Runtime Environment)
  • SensManager : Apache 2, and PHP 5
  • SensDB : MySQL 5

To find out more about SensNet, read the documentation: