Our experience with leading communications technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi,GPRS, Zigbee …) enables us to provide enterprise grade heterogeneous wireless sensing solutions. Over the years, we have deployed Senspods on pedestrians, bicycles, cars, drones for consumer or industrial applications taught us to quickly adapt to real world challenges.

Our end to end solution is the following:

Partnerships with industry leading partners for transmitting ECG data in real time from a speeding ambulance, pulse oxymeter and carbon monoxide data from a firefighter in action or sending geotagged environmental information using Twitter gave us experience that you
can now benefit from.

Because technology evolves so quickly , we tackle complexity for you so you can focus on what matters most: applications working anytime, anywhere, now or in 3 years. In this section, we will share articles that we have found of interest so that our customers are always at the forefront of mobile sensing.

Smart Cities:

When it comes to Smart Cities, the MIT Senseable City Lab is in our opinion ahead of the pack. Not only do they test clever services but they also provide stunning visualisations showing the temporal evolution of complex parameters. Their methodology provides a “feedback loop between people, their actions and the city”.

See for yourself:

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