February 7, 2014

Sensaris introduces the first dual mode Bluetooth solution for blood glucose and
temperature data management.

People dealing with diabetes want to leverage mobile technologies to improve their daily lives while keeping the glucometers they are familiar with. Ease of use, cost of consumables and measurement accuracy are key factors in device selection.

Likewise, when it comes to smartphones, a large majority of blood glucose meter users indicate that there is a growing need to have solutions compatible with the widest possible variety of smartphones and tablets, not just the latest models. To fill this gap, Sensaris is introducing the first dual mode Bluetooth/Bluetooth Smart interface for diabetes management applications. Blood glucose data can now be easily managed from smartphones, not only to improve reporting to health care professionals, but ultimately to lower glycemic variability for patients and thereby reduce the number of hypoglycemic events.

Along with providing connectivity to the Lifescan One Touch Ultra 2 glucometer (one of the most accurate device for veterinary blood glucose measurements), a non contact infrared thermometer can also be used with the same dual mode interface for medical grade temperature measurements.

The “2for2” device (2 Bluetooth technologies for 2 measurements) comes with an API so that developers can quickly integrate glucose and temperature data into their own mobile phone applications for iOS or Android based devices.

Dr Michael Setton of Sensaris explains that “By using the Bluetooth Low Energy technology and combining with existing medical devices Sensaris has made the existing technology more patient friendly. The first combined device will be available for the veterinary market and will migrate to human use when FDA and CE certification are obtained. This is an important strategic step for patients as a December 2013 study by Allied Marked Research indicated that the blood glucose meter market is likely to capture the lion’s share of the world mHealth market in the next few years.”

Sensaris intends to extend the 2 for2 to several glucometer brands and to integrate other physiological measurements for better chronic disease management.