March 21, 2013

As spring is here, we decided it was time to look at applications other than what we’ve been doing over the past 5 years. Since several people in the office are getting ready for the competitive season to start again in various sports, nothing could be more appropriate than to monitor heart rate and heart rate variability.So, here it is: an iPhone (and very soon Android) app connecting to a Polar Bluetooth Smart HRM and sending data in real time to a database. The information can be viewed using any web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox) either in real time or since it is stored in a database can be replayed at will. Stay tuned for more fitness and sports appcessoriesfrom Sensaris in the near future . In the meantime, get your sneakers, shorts and friends to get training ; of course if you have new ideas regarding sports apps, we’ll be very happy to hear from you.